"Kitefi is the



to Ham Radio"

-charles Hoskinson

Our Features

  • Net Neutral

  • Privacy

  • Reliable and Secure

  • 100% Free

  • No Contracts

  • Fiber Sourced

  • Fast

  • Unmetered

  • Freedom of Choice


KiteFi is completely a completely free wireless network, funded by individuals who want to bring change to the world.

Starts with One

We hope more providers would come up to provide quality connectivity to everyone around the world.


Our technicians have spent countless months doing research and testing to find the best, most efficient wireless technology to disrupt the wireless industry.


With our service, you will be able to use free VoIP services for free calling.

Mesh Network

We are currently developing algorithms for effective mesh networking, we expect this proprietary technology to increase coverage like never before.

No agreements.


We don't like companies trying to hook you into long, eye spinning contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it Sourced?

We do it through fixed wireless technology and our through our all new LTE network, either through a wireless modem placed inside your home or through a small antenna on your roof.

Any Contracts?

No! We believe in contract-free service. You don't even need to provide us with a credit card!


In some cases, yes if you're on the edge of our coverage zone or for our Access+ plan. Usually, we will just ship you the wireless modem and all you need to do is plug it into any standard wall outlet and you will get connect within a matter of minutes!

Am I Eligible?

We hope to provide service to everyone in the future, but for now we only service the East Bay Area.

Is it reliable?

Yes, all of our exchange centers have fiber fast backbone connections and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems in place to ensure redundancy.

How Fast Is It?

Since that this is a free service designed to serve a wide range of households, speeds can fluctuate throughout the day depending on congestion. However, we always try to ensure that there are always enough bandwidth for streaming videos and joining online meetings.