Let's buiLd a better wireless network!

Come online with a community-owned broadband service.

Volunteers are needed to assist growing our network.

Help us grow by becoming a supernode.

We can't imagine a world without the Internet, yet that's a reality for far too many individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Volunteers from all around the Bay Area have come together to work toward a common goal: closing the digital gap and making high-speed, dependable internet available to everyone. You can assist by joining our community network to go online, volunteering to link neighbors or extend the network, and giving to upgrade our infrastructure and guarantee access for everyone.

We do not monitor, collect, store, or block any user data or content on KiteFi, which is a neutral network. You are agreeing to share our network with others when you join us!

Installing an antenna on the top of your building and connecting an ethernet cable to your router will allow us to hook you up to the internet. We are currently using a diverse mix of low, mid, and high band frequencies to deliver a healthy mix of both range and speed.